Whether you’re in need of winter tyres for the colder months ahead or top-quality tyres for maximum performance, we can help. We fit tyres in Corby — to every imaginable make and model of car.

If you’re in a hurry, why not book our while-you-wait tyre-fitting service? Our mechanics will get to work on getting you back on the road — while you relax in our warm office.

Whatever your budget, we’ve got tyres in Corby from all the major brands and manufacturers. With sizes from 14 inches to 20 inches, we’re able to change the tyres on almost every UK road car.

We stock a huge selection of tires at our car servicing centre. But if we haven’t got exactly what you want, we’ll order it for next-day fitting.

Our Corby clutch repair services offer value for money and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your safety is our top priority.

At Geddington Service Station, we only ever use the highest quality clutches and spare parts. And our mechanics use all their experience and training to ensure each replacement will stand the test of time.

We offer a warranty and a quality promise with every clutch replacement we complete. And we’re confident we can’t be beaten on price.

We’re an open, honest and trustworthy clutch repair specialist in Corby. We have to be — our loyal customers demand it. But this is why our customers keep coming back. If we don’t believe you need a new clutch, we’ll tell you.

How can you tell you need to replace your clutch? Look for the tell-tale signs:

● Clutch drag
● Sudden jerks and shooting forward when releasing the clutch slowly
● Burning smells
● Over-revving
● Difficulty driving up steep inclines
● Severe vibration
● Difficulty engaging first gear

If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with the expert mechanics at Geddington Service Station

At Geddington Service Station, we believe that regular services can drastically prolong the lifespan of a car. We’re a garage in Corby that takes great pride in saving motorists money. Not only do our expert mechanics keep cars in tip-top condition, but they also identify issues early — before they become very expensive problems.

If you need a car service in Corby, Geddington Service Station has everything you need. We’re a local garage that performs Corby car repairs to the highest possible standards. That’s why our customers trust us to preserve their car’s warranty.

Our Corby garage is fully equipped to handle the most stringent car services. We treat each car as if it were our own — which is why we have such a loyal customer base. Whether you need a full service or an oil and filter change, we’re here to help.

As well as servicing, we provide a full range of diagnostic services. We have the latest diagnostic equipment, ensuring we can get to the bottom of any problem in next to no time.

For Corby car repairs, servicing and diagnostics you can trust, call Geddington Service Station today!

Geddington Service Station is a fully licensed Corby MOT centre. We offer Class 4, Class 7 and motorbike MOTs at very competitive prices. And when you book your car in with us, you get the care and attention that’s only available at a respected local garage.

We take the hassle and stress out of what can be a worrying time. No one likes to drop their car off for its MOT. That’s why we keep our customers updated at every stage. If something fails the test, we offer an honest cost assessment to put it right. But if something passes narrowly — such as a tyre or a brake pad — we’ll provide you with advisory details and leave the decision to you.

An MOT at our Corby garage includes:

● Interior and exterior checks
● Under-carriage inspection
● Engine and emission tests
● Stringent brake testing
● Tyre checks
● All the mandatory checks included in MOT legislation

Once you’re a customer, we’ll look after both you and your car. We’ll reach out to you when it’s MOT time, so you’ll never have to worry about missing the deadline. And if you’re in a hurry, we’ll do what we can to perform an MOT while you wait.

At Geddington Service Station, we don’t treat MOTs as a box-ticking administrative task. We use every MOT in Corby as a way to keep our customers safe and their cars in peak condition. If you want the best for your pride and joy when it’s MOT time again, call the experts at Geddington!